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To effectively manage employee performance requires clarity around two basic questions: Do employees know what is expected of them? Do employees know how they are doing?

During FY 2010, agencies were challenged with layoffs, a hiring freeze, and budget reductions. The need for clarity on these questions became even more crucial in order to maintain an effective and engaged workforce.

Compared to FY 2009, agencies generally improved in their use of performance management tools such as job descriptions, performance expectations, individual performance plans, and performance evaluations.

FY 2010 Compared to FY 2009


Percent Employees with Up-to-Date Performance Plans and Evaluations
What 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Agencies report status on their use of performance management tools in their annual HR Management Report
Job Descriptions 84 93 90 93 67
Performance Expectations 82 76 77 80 64
Individual Development Plans 81 77 77 85 64
Performance Evaluations 83 79 79 84 63