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Declining Headcount

Between July 2008 and June 2010, the number of state employees declined by 2,840, or 4.3 percent, as a result of budget cuts and hiring restrictions. During the same time, the state population grew by 2.2 percent.

Prior to July 2008, the state workforce experienced two years of targeted growth from funding state priorities, such as the safety of vulnerable children and staffing of prisons.

Workforce Headcount Reflects Targeted Growth Followed by Hiring Freeze and Layoffs
  Workforce Headcount
FY 2006 62516
FY 2007 64263
FY 2008 66714
FY 2009 65290
FY 2010 63874

Hiring Freeze and Layoffs

The reduction in headcount for the last two fiscal years is attributed to layoffs and positions unfilled due to hiring restrictions and budget cuts.

The slight increase each June shows the normal pattern of hires for seasonal work such as park maintenance and fire fighting.

Headcount Declines in Response to Challenging Economy
FY Number of Employees
6/30/08 66714
9/30/08 66316
12/31/08 65548
3/31/09 65016
6/30/09 65290
9/30/09 63945
12/31/09 63228
3/31/10 63112
6/30/10 63874