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The Department of Personnel (DOP) is partnering with state agencies to deliver a number of shared services initiatives. By improving efficiency and consistency in how the state manages its workforce, these initiatives are reducing HR transaction time, risk, and costs.

Online Recruiting System

On July 1, 2010, the state launched a new single point of entry for citizens to find job opportunities with state government, replacing the state’s existing E-Recruiting system. Between July 31 and September 30, 55,848 applications were received and 576 appointments made to critical state positions.


Job Seekers Find the New Online Recruitment Tool Much Easier to Use
Year Percent
May 2007 26
Sep 2010 86

Central Service Center

Multiple support functions were combined into one central service center for assistance with:

The Service Center assists more than 2,300 customers per month.

Small Agency HR Services

DOP is establishing a scalable HR shared services model for small agencies to reduce duplication of effort and support consistency in human resource management across small agencies. Phase I, which was put in place in October 2010, provides expanded HR services to 35 small agencies who have no dedicated HR manager.

Online Leave System

On November 16, 2010, DOP began a pilot of the online leave request and approval functionality delivered with the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Staff will be able to request leave online; the request will be automatically routed to their supervisor for approval; and, once approved, will be entered into HRMS without further handling.

Centralizing HRMS Security

Security and monitoring for the state’s payroll system is being centralized to standardize how roles are used across agencies, reduce administrative burden on agencies, and mitigate risk. Agencies are being converted to centralized security in groups, with all agencies converted by June 2011.

Paperless Earnings Statements

Agencies have the option to selectively stop printing employee earnings statements, which employees can access online through Employee Self Service (ESS). As of November 2010, approximately 70 percent of employees receive their earnings statements electronically via ESS. The move to electronic earnings statements, along with changes in the printing and distribution of HRMS reports, has reduced system printing by nearly one million pages annually.

Employee Self Service

DOP converted Employee Self Service (ESS) to standard SAP screens, which have been redesigned to reflect accepted internet design principles. Converting to the standard screens improves the user interface, enhances system efficiency, reduces the cost and complexity of future upgrades, and opens the capacity for future enhancements such as online leave request and approval functions.

Diversity Website

The 2010 Washington State Diversity Fair was transformed from a 90-minute event on the capitol campus to a virtual online event that also served to launch a new website. DOP worked with 13 partner agencies to create the website, which was launched on September 9, 2010. By going virtual with the Diversity Fair, the state avoided the costs of a physical event and also expanded access so employees statewide could participate. More than 4,500 visitors from 100 agencies and 85 cities visited the website in the first week.